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I took IELTS in Oct. 2006 and got score 6.5 (speaking:7.0). With IELTS score, I got CGFNS (the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) and Visa Screen certificate, which paved the way for my immigration to US.

Gu Liyun (China)
IELTS score: 6.5


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Zhang Fang Jin

I got an offer from University of Edinburgh for the major of digital media. Due to bad listening ability, I performed badly with listening and speaking parts the first time when I took IELTS, as I can only ‘hear’ by looking at speakers’ lips. After this test, I heard that BC can arrange a special test for physically-challenged people and I applied for a lip-reading listening test. The application procedure was easy-to-follow, and the test was arranged with great care. I got a satisfactory score and I am more confident than ever before about studying abroad.

There are two reasons why I took IELTS exam. Firstly, I have heard that IELTS is most popular when applying for UK universities; secondly, university of Edinburgh told me that both IELTS and TOEFL are recognized, however, IELTS is favored and strongly recommended.

IELTS is a great exam because the preparation for IELTS is beneficial for your overseas studies. The exam contents cover different parts of western life such as culture and lifestyle. For example, you can know how to rent a flat, how to work with real estate agents, how to use library etc.

In addition, IELTS is convenient for candidates in terms of test dates and test venues, especially candidates in Beijing, you can take the exam almost every weekend. ‘

- Zhang Fang Jin

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